Our Talents

At AUTEK, we hire the best talents from a vast array of disciplines, including engineering and product design, harnessing the power of their synergy to work as a team.


Our product development team with diverse backgrounds from mechanical, manufacturing and electronic engineering, together with designers experienced in industrial and architectural design, enables us to maintain a competitive edge at the forefront of lighting technology.


These highly qualified talents partner each other to provide a broad skill set base which is essential for the development of cutting-edge lighting products.


Our passion, dedication and talent ignites creative and intellectual energy, driving innovation and productivity in everything we do.


With our multi-talented design team, we can view products from many different angles, allowing for a broad understanding of luminaires and their specifications. This enables us to create solutions which meet both environmental and user requirements.


With a combination of unique thinking and a strive for excellence, AUTEK is able to produce exceptional high quality luminaries, meeting the highest expectations.