• CYLINDRICAL is a comprehensive range of floodlights, ceiling and wall luminaires for LED and discharge lamps.

    The CYLINDRICAL surface mounted ceiling luminaires or downlights are available in two sizes with narrow beam or wide beam light distributions.

    The combination of a lasting architectural form, excellent engineering details and versatile light distributions makes CYLINDRICAL a unique and popular building element for a wide range of architectural applications.

    Energy efficiency, good colour rendering and its protection against the environment make CYLINDRICAL a durable and reliable lighting tool for public areas where maintenance and operation considerations are especially important. Additionally, safety glass and silicon gasket are specially designed to prevent dust deposits and water collecting on the luminaires.

    Originally designed for exterior use, CYLINDRICAL can also be applied for indoor areas that are subject to moisture and dust exposure. CYLINDRICAL ceiling luminaire provides high quality lighting effects that are suitable to be installed under entrances, canopies and lobbies for public areas and spaces.
  • CYLINDRICAL Ceiling Luminaires (Narrow Beam)  
    CYLINDRICAL Ceiling Luminaires (Wide Beam)