• MINI.min is a range of compact, decorative downlights and directional luminaires for LED and low voltage halogen lamps.

    With the same light output as MINI but in a smaller size, MINI.min has become a popular and flexible luminaire for a wide range of architectural applications. Including a shallow recess depth making MINI.min an ideal solution to meet different ceiling constraints.

    Equipped with anti-glare baffle, MINI.min is an ideal lighting tool for residential, museum, retail and hospitality applications where a combination of decorative ambient lighting and accent lighting is required.

    Downlights provide rotationally symmetrical light distribution for decorative ambient light. While directional luminaires provide accent lighting for sales and exhibition areas, as well as the illumination of merchandise, materials and objects.

    Accessories including cross blade louvres and hexcell louvres are available for anti-glare purpose. Colour filters are available upon request.
  • MINI.min Downlights  
    MINI.min Directional Luminaires